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Professional References

Judi Iranyi, LCSW 

"I am a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have known Jessica for nine years having provided her 3,200 hours of clinical supervision. I can attest to Jessica's high moral character, work ethic, friendly and engaging personality, and her dedication to social justice. During our sessions she demonstrated excellent clinical skills using cognitive behavioral, strength-based and experimental techniques. I was greatly impressed with her flexibility, critical thinking, and writing skills. I recommend Jessica without hesitance." 

Ramona Holguin, Esq. 

​"I have known Ms. Ozberker for the past nine years, and spent four of them working with her at the Homeless Advocacy Project. During Ms. Ozberker's first year as a Social Service Advocate, I was privileged to collaborate with her on challenging cases. I was impressed with her dedication, organizational skills, and expertise in addressing delicate and extreme mental health crises. Additionally, her ability to articulate, communicate, and advocate on behalf of clients with complex needs was extraordinary. Ms. Ozberker and I  developed plans  of care and strategies for how to best support immigrant clients. She consistently demonstrated a genuine, sensitive, and empathetic approach allowing our clients to feel comfortable, trusting, and interested in following through."

Jeanne Versaska, MSW 

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jessica Ozberker for the past ten years. We worked together while she interned with the San Francisco Unified School District. I served as her field instructor and supervisor. Jessica has a natural ability to assess situations, build rapport with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, plan meaningful and effective interventions, and allow individuals in need to become self-sufficient and able to function at a higher capacity.  Jessica worked with San Francisco's most at-risk students and families, impacted by child abuse, neglect, poverty, gang involvement, drugs, and other factors that made it challenging for them to focus and achieve scholastically. Yet, Jessica created an environment that allowed students to feel safe and accepted." 

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